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“Frith” -  Male Great Horned Owl (1250g)– In 2014, he came in a rehab bird after being in a vehicle collision west of Missoula, MT.  Frith’s injuries included a traumatic wing-tip amputation, leg fracture, and head trauma. 

“Minerva” – Western Screech Owl (200g) – In 2015, Minerva came in as a rehab bird after a window collision.  She had five fractures in the radius/ulna of her right wing.  

“Saffron” – Female Long-eared Owl (300g) – In 2014, she came in as a rehab bird from Superior, MT.  We believe she had a collision with a fence and suffered a bad metacarpal fracture.  After the bones healed she was unable to maintain long distance flight.

“Daya” – Northern Saw-whet Owl (120g) – In 2015, Daya came in as a rehab bird after being caught by a dog.  She sustained and eye and head injury leaving her blind in one eye and no prey drive (releases live prey if they squeak.)

“Vesper” - Female Red-tailed Hawk. She came from Washington State University (Pullman, WA), where she came in a rehab patient as a hatch-year bird.  The veterinarian believes someone shot her wing-tip off leaving one wing with no primary flight feathers. 

Meet our Ambassador Birds!  These regal and intense diplomats help us reach and teach people about their respective species and their importance to this place we all call home. We currently have 9 Ambassadors that help us with our live raptor education and outreach.  Please consider sponsoring one of our permanent residents.

Prairie:   This prairie falcon came into rehab after suffering a collision with a fence and suffered a humerus fracture.  While he is able to fly, these falcons are precision flyers and hunters so with this type of injury, he would not survive in the wild.

“Roland” – Male light-morph Swainson’s Hawk – Found on private property in Drummond, MT under a power pole.  1st bird in 11 years not requiring euthanasia after sustaining electrical burns.  Fused left carpus, missing toe 4 on the right foot.

“Merlin” – Female Merlin – Found injured on private property, most likely window or line collision.  Traumatic wing injury/amputation. 

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If you've found an injured raptor (eagle, hawk, owl etc.) or songbird please call 406-210-3468 or 406-244-5422 for assistance.