-Medical Supplies-


       anesthetic machine (iso)     

2" vetwrap or coflex         solocite conformable bandage (2" & 4")          4x4 gauze pads

 cotton tipped applicators         needles (18, 20, 23 & 25 gauge)        syringes (3, 20 & 60ml) 


-Building Supplies-

          lumber (any usable condition)          Torx screws (1-3", 20 & 25 bit size)

         t50 Staples           finishing nails for air nailer           a framing nailgun and nails     

          misc bolts and fasteners           

-Falconry Equipment-

          falconry gloves all sizes either hand          perches         leashes          swivels 

Perching materials (astroturf, sisal rope and similar)            raptor transport carriers (all sizes)              


                   towels      paper towels              


Adopt one of our resident raptors and help us cover food costs and care. 

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