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If you've found an injured raptor (eagle, hawk, owl etc.) or songbird please call 406-210-3468 or 406-244-5422 for assistance.


Wild Skies Raptor Center is permitted through the US Fish & Wildlife Service,  MT Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, and US Geologic Survey.

  • US FWS Special Purpose Possession Permit for live birds for educational use.
  • US FWS Migratory Bird Rehabilitation Permit.
  • MT FWP Scientific Collectors Permit
  • USGS Banding Permit (subpermitted under Raptor View Research Institute)


We also provide on and off-site educational programs with live raptors.  Please see our ambassador's page for a list of our permanent residents.  On-site visits and programs are by appointment only.  Please call either of the numbers below or contact us via email for more information.

Our Mission

​Our mission is to provide the best possible care, rehabilitation, and eventual release of injured wild birds, focusing our efforts primarily on raptors.  We believe it is our moral obligation to protect and conserve our wildlife and natural resources for future generations through rehabilitation, education, and outreach programs. We strive to cooperate and coordinate with other organizations and agencies in our endeavors.

Raptor Emergencies Call  406-210-3468  or 406-244-5422 

Hoo all do we at WSRC help? Any bird that is hurt!  We will rehab anyone that is a eagle, owl, hawk chickadee or other bird native to Montana.


We do accept new volunteers spring, summer, and fall.  We do require volunteers to go through a training process and we demand the utmost respect be given to the birds in our care.  We take great care not to habituate the wild birds that will be returned to the wild.  We also require new volunteers go through a probation period before ever getting to handle any raptors.  If you are interested please send an email to montanawildskies@gmail.com.

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