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If you've found an injured raptor (eagle, hawk, owl etc.) or songbird please call 406-210-3468 or 406-244-5422 for assistance.‚Äč

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Wild Skies Raptor Center holds all necessary state and federal permits required to rescue and rehabilitate Montana Native birds.   Every day there is a bald or golden eagle, a great horned owl or a swainsons hawk that gets hurt.  The vast majority of the injuries we see are caused by us. Usually on accident birds are hit by cars, crash into windows, ingest poison meant for someone else (2nd intention poisoning), sometimes they take juice from power lines.  We are here to help these hurt birds.

Raptor Emergencies Call  406-210-3468  or 406-244-5422

We help hurt or sick birds including the golden and bald eagle, hawk, owl, and native songbird.