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Bald Eagle Release picture by  Jesse Lee Varnado

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Your donations allow us to rescue, rehabilitate, and release raptors back into the wild.  Donations help us create educational opportunities, finance medical supplies, and ensure we can keep Wild Skies facilities maintained with up-to-date equipment.  Your contributions also help to support our resident raptor AmbassadorsAny amount helps! 

Wild Skies is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.  We do not receive any federal, state, or local tax money - our work is entirely dependent on donations, grants, and private contributions. 

Wild Skies, and especially the raptors, are deeply grateful for any amount you can give!  Please help us keep Montana's skies wild!

We use Zeffy to process payments because they don't take away from your donation.  You may choose to leave a contribution to them or you can set it to 0.00 and not pay a fee to use them.  They don't take it from us!  If you decide to give a yearly donation, Zeffy only allow's you to draw from your bank account, not use a card.  Thank you!!!!

Sedated Great Grey Owl in Surgery
Jesse Varnado Holding Rescued Golden Eagle
Rehabilitated Hawk Release by Brooke Tanner