Raptor Emergencies Call or Text 406-210-3468

ambassador bird nandu a great grey owl picture by  Jesse Lee Varnado


A large part of our mission is educating the public to help conserve raptors and other wildlife to ensure a rich biosphere for generations of Montanans to come.

Brooke Tanner holding Vesper Red Tailed Hawk picture by  Jesse Lee Varnado

Educational Programs

In an effort to support conservation of Montana's raptors and expand the knowledge of the general public.  We provide educational programs with live raptors at the Wild Skies facility or at offsite locations.  Click below for more information!

Rough Legged Hawk flying mountains rehabed and released picture by  Jesse Lee Varnado


Learn more about the raptors in Montana's wild skies!  Raptors are birds of prey and so are a vital piece of Montana's environment and are important to keep our ecosystem healthy.  Click below to learn more about these amazing animals!

lead poisoned golden eagle picture by  Jesse Lee Varnado


We need to talk about lead.  Lead is dangerous to both humans and raptors and the effects of lead poisoning are devastating.  It is heart breaking and horrifying to watch an eagle die of lead poisoning.  Fortunately, there is hope - click below to learn!