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Informational resources, partners in raptor rescue, and organizations we support for their conservation efforts.  Check them out!

American Bird Conservancy logo

American Bird Conservancy

American Bird Conservancy is dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. 

Bitterroot Audubon Society logo

Bitterroot Audubon Society

Located in Hamilton, Montana, the Bitterroot Audubon Society is a local chapter of the National Audubon Society.


CollidEscape is an organization dedicated to ending bird deaths and injuries, especially those caused by window collisions.

owl reserarch institute logo

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Dedicated to advancing the understanding and protection of the natural world, the Cornell Lab promotes new scientific discoveries and galvanizes conservation action.

Five Valleys Audubon Society

Five Valleys Audubon Society

Five Valleys Audubon Society promotes the conservation of natural resources through our birding, education, and conservation activities.

hunting with nonlead.org logo


Their mission is to promote the positive contributions of hunting and the use of non-lead ammunition by providing accurate information and resources to hunters and wildlife managers.

mpg ranch logo

MPG Ranch

MPG Ranch promotes conservation through restoration, research, education and information sharing.  They are a 15,000 acre conservation area in Western Montana.

owl reserarch institute logo

Owl Research Institute

The Owl Research Institute is a "boots on the ground" non-profit dedicated to owl and wildlife research, conservation, and education. 

Raptor View Research Institute logo

Raptor View Research Institute

A non-profit research and education organization in Missoula, MT. The mission of RVRI is to provide knowledge of raptors to the public and scientific community, through research and education.

American Bird Conservancy logo

Sporting Lead-free

Sporting Lead-Free is a non-political, educational initiative working to reduce inadvertent lead consumption by wildlife and people through the voluntary choice of lead-free ammunition and tackle.


USGS Bird Banding Laboratory

The Bird Banding Laboratory is an integrated scientific program for the collection, and dissemination of information from birds in North America.

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society logo

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society is organized to promote enjoyment and protection of natural environment through education, activism, and conservation of bird habitat.