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Frith the Great Horned Owl

Rescued 2014 Permitted 2015

Great Horned Owl, Frith photo by Jesse Varnado

Frith is a Male Great Horned Owl (1250g) – In 2014, he came to Wild Skies after being in a vehicle collision west of Missoula, MT. Frith’s injuries included a traumatic wing-tip amputation, leg fracture, and head trauma. Because of the wing injury, Frith couldn't be released back into the wild. He now lives at Wild Skies where he helps to educate the public.

Great Horned Owl calls are iconic and we are grateful to hear Frith's song on calm nights.  When he isn't educating the public on the awesomeness of owls or serenading us to sleep, he especially enjoys his walks around the Wild Skies grounds with Brooke, and showing off his stately stature.  
Frith is an Old English word meaning "peace; protection; safety, security" - which inspired the name "Lord Frith" in the book Watership Down by Richard Adams, from who the Owl Frith gets his name.

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Adopt Frith and support his care and feeding.  He is a true gentleman of an owl and he is great at educating people (particularly children) about his species.

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Brooke Tanner walking with Frith the Great Horned Owl
Brooke out for a walk with Frith