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Minerva the Western Screech-Owl

Rescued 2015 Permitted 2016

Western Screech-owl, Minerva photo by Jesse Varnado

Minerva is a Western Screech-Owl who came to us from Seeley Lake, MT in 2015. The cause of her injuries was a collision with a house window. She had five fractures in the radius and ulna of her right wing. Named after the Roman Goddess of Wisdom, when you look into her eyes you can see why. Each year countless wild birds are injured or killed by collisions with windows, please visit CollideEscape.org for more information and products than help reduce these types of incidents and protect our wild birds!

Despite their name, the Western Screech-owl doesn't really "screech" instead it makes a sharp hooting sound in a series that increases in tempo as the call gets toward its end.  As you can see from Minerva's beautiful plumage, they blend in well against the bark of trees.  They are nearly invisible when nesting in the crook of a pine.

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Adopt Minerva and support her care and feeding.  On the glove, she is compact and unassuming, and especially enjoys her walks in the snow.

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Western Screech-owl, Minerva photo by Jesse Varnado
Minerva out for a walk with Jesse