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Nandu the Great Gray Owl

Rescued 2017 Permitted 2017

Great Gray Owl, Nandu photo by Jesse Varnado

Nandu is a Great Gray Owl and in his hatch year of 2017 (so when he was just a youngin), he was hit by a vehicle causing a right femur fracture, right ulna fracture close to the carpus joint, this limited extension of his wing and so also his ability to fly.  Likely he was just very hungry and trying to get a meal out of a mouse that was too close to the road and it ended up being quite a  painful and tough experience for him. Despite that we are grateful that he could join our Wild Skies family!  When not out for a walk with Jesse, Nandu is quietly pondering the nature of the world, as you can see, he is quite curious.

Great Gray Owl feathers are long and "bulky" compared to their body size.  They look huge but most of what you see is soft fluff!  Still, these feathers help them to be silently flying predators - while also keeping them warm on cold winter nights in Montana.

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Adopt Nandu and support his care and feeding.  He is so introspective and pensive - it is almost a full time job getting him out so he can analyze the world around him!

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Great Gray Owl, Nandu, looking up outside photo by Jesse Varnado
Nandu observing the Ponderosa pine and blue sky above him